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TEXAS SOFTBALL HALL OF FAME MISSION STATEMENT and your mission if you choose to accept it, is to lead softball events that promote sportsmanship, to protect the integrity of the game, to provide a caring atmosphere, to enhance the well-being of all people of good will who participate, and to honor commitment to our softball community. "This is how the heartbeat of Texas softball makes an impact and a positive difference."  Ralph Hall


Last Revised OCTOBER 2021

In response to the national emergency caused by the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus), Texas Softball Hall of Fame has closed leagues. This decision comes in compliance with Government, USA Softball association guidelines, and the exercise of sensible precautions by our leadership team.

Future decisions regarding plans for the 2021 game schedules will be posted on the website, www.txsoftballhalloffame.com. Many individuals and teams already have expressed a strong desire to play again. We will continue to monitor ongoing events, undertake precautions, and encourage all softball participants to do likewise. We are still learning more about this virus and the challenges that will be coming as we rise up to defeat it.

The most common symptoms are: • Fever• Fatigue• Cough• Shortness of breath

COVID 19 Policy and Guidelines for 2021 for the Softball Leagues, Tounaments, or Special Events:


1. You have been diagnosed with Covid 19.

2. You have symptoms of Covid 19.

3. You have been in close contact with a person who has or is suspected to have Covid 19 or are awaiting testing results.

4. No one should participate in any activities with known Covid persons before coming to the Ballpark. This includes meetings, games, and practices.  

5. If you have these circumstances or conditions, please stay home without fear of reprisal.


1. Masks are recommended whenever possible. 

2. Sanitation supplies are encouraged by each team and individual in addition to sanitation efforts of the League. Managers may provide this for their team, if they think there is a need to do so.

3. Distancing practices will be the standard 6 feet and be realistically utilized in dugouts, playing area, and bleachers. The number of fans in the bleaches may also be limited because of distancing requirements. 

4. Washing hands and sanitizing frequently is helpful in preventing the spread of Covid 19. Wiping down surfaces which may be touch often is also another good guideline to follow whenever possible.  

5. Avoiding touching your face is a highly recommended practice.

6. Players should provide their own equipment. Sharing bats or gloves is not a safe practice. Using only your own equipment minimizes the risk of contagiousness. 

7. Participants should avoid yelling or screaming near others to minimize saliva droplets.

8. Handshakes, high fives, or other kinds of voluntary touching are not encouraged. We must limit physical contact until notified by the League authorities to engage in those behaviors.

9. Postgame handshakes, slaps, or contact between teams is suspended in 2021.  

10. After game contact in the parking lots should only be done with an abundance of caution and is not recommended. Please keep yourself and others safe.

11. There will be no concessions, food, or drinks sales.

12. Please pick up your own trash and put in the proper disposal cans.

13. If you think or feel you are too uncomfortable to participate, then please do not come to the ballpark.

14. This list will be provided to each manger and verified with a signature that it has been received.

15. The signature verification list will be secured and retained as proof of communication and notification of this information. 

16. The Director, Umpires, and Managers all appreciate the cooperation of everyone. Let’s all work with one another so we may continue to play this game we love.

1. Rosters and waivers are due before the first game. Please be prompt. Women may participate in a men's program in 2021.
2. All teams must be USA sanctioned in the current calendar year to be eligible to participate.
3. USA Insurance Program by Bollinger
is available and recommended for teams.

Players must be a minimum of 18 years old to participate. No parental waiver whether written or oral will be permitted.

4. Texas Softball Hall of Fame reserves the right to reschedule games as needed, to make all final rulings, and to remove from eligibility any player or team that demonstrates unsportsmanlike conduct while at the ballpark. Acts of violence or threats of violence will be taken seriously and will receive multiple consequences for the players, teams, or any others involved.  The Director is fully empowered to make these decisions.
5. There may be a late fee and additional eligibility consequences for paying late.
To avoid late fees all fees should be paid in full on or before the first night of your league.
6. The run rules are new in 2021, 15 after 4 innings and 10 after 5 innings.

7. We play one pitch after 6 innings or 50 minutes, if tied at the end of an inning. The runner on 2nd base is the last batter of the previous inning.
8. In 2021 only one Courtesy Runner is allowed for one person per inning.
9. No out spots are required for being shorthanded or lineup reduction except in coed. A team may begin or continue play with a minimum of 6 players.
10. Batters start with a 1 & 1 count. An extra foul is allowed after the second strike in 2021.
11. We will use a Modified One-Up Rule for
homeruns. Homeruns may only be negotiated up at the coin flip. Homeruns will count if they are hit in the last half of the last inning.
12. Balls only
TRUMP STOTE AK-RP-ASA A-Y cor.52 12 inch Balls for men and for  women THE 11 INCH STOTE TRUMP BALL.. The Umpires or the pitcher may remove any and all other balls.
No stealing is allowed in any of these slow pitch leagues or tournaments.
Banned bats: 1. Miken Ultra, except 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,  2018, 2019, 2020, OR 2021 with a stamp. 2. Miken Ultra II  3. All Titanium bats 4. All other 1.21 bats for seniors 50 years or older are allowed, if the bat is marked with the tape authorized by the director or the directors representative. 5. All bats 1.20 and below must have an Approved Association designation on them. Example: ASA, ISA, NSA, USSSA, USA. 6. No player, man or women, will be allowed to swing a No Association designated bat or a Senior Softball designated bat. Use of a bat with graphics not applied by the manufacturer will be the use of an altered bat and subject to the consequences under the rulings of Texas Softball Hall of Fame.

15. Men or women may not hit with any banned bats in 2021. The consequence of entering the batters box with any of these bats is ejection of the bat, the batter is called out. Also, if the bat is used, a dead ball is declared, and all base runners return to their bases. Ejection of the batter from the game is required, if in the judgment of the umpire, he or she argues excessively or comes to the plate a second time with a banned bat. Additional suspensions or consequences may be added by the Director. Safety is more important than winning and cheating by using any illegal, altered, or banned equipment is unsportsmanlike and unacceptable. All Texas Softball Hall Of Fame events play on the Recreational level and not the Championship level of play. Some Senior bats are approved for use in Texas Softball Hall of Fame Recreational League play.

16. It is recommended that pitchers or other defenders wear shin guards or helmets if they feel the need to do so. Face masks are allowed for the pitchers. They are not mandatory, but are recommended.

17.  All players may hit in the batting lineup.
18. The proper I.D. is the player's drivers licsence or pictured documentation and an accurate telephone number.
Irresponsible drinking of alcohol by players or coaches during games or while at the ballpark is not acceptable. All participants who use alcohol must drink responsibly. Otherwise, they may be suspended for the game, the night, the season, the year, or indefinitely by the Director. Additionally, they may also have legal consequences from Public Intoxication and possibly other Criminal charges or Civil Liability consequences. Leagues may set their own policies in regard to alcohol. We come to play ball and not to get drunk.  No alcohol may be consumed by players, coaches, or managers during the games. This includes people on the bench, participants in the game who are outside the dugouts, or who are in the stands. The consequences of ejection may be enforced by the umpires, the Director’s representative, or the Director.  Please work together on this very important issue.

20. Spectators are not permitted to have alcoholic beverages at Comunity  Park or Bayland Park..

21. NO KEGS are allowed in the Texas Sofball Hall of Fame.
22. Umpire fees are $15 per game for a one umpire system. We treat each other with RESPECT at all times in Texas Softball Hall Of Fame events!
Round Robin or company tournaments may be scheduled on a few days in 2021.
24. Tuesday Night leagues plays at
Community Park in Mo. City, Texas. Leagues may be scheduled.
25. COED teams can play with more women than men. Teams may play 6 men 4 women. No more than 6 men may play on defense.
26. Sunday Men's
leagues at Bayland Park may be scheduled.
27. Players are not allowed to hit pepper into the fence
at Baylan Park or Community Park in Missouri City. The consequence may be removal of player privileges.
28. A League team may pick up 3 or less players from the current leagues who have signed the waiver form to play a game. More than 3 picked up eligible players may result in a forfeiture of the official win. All new players must sign before participating and may only sign the form with the manager's approval. Failure to sign the form may result in full or partial limitations to participation.     
29. All persons using or visiting these facilities does so at their own risk.

30. The owner, management, and umpires are not responsible for any injuries or loss of property.
31. No illegal drugs shall be brought onto any of these premises and no alcohol is allowed at Community Park.
Alcohol may be not be consumed before, between, and after the games at Bayland Park.
32. No glass containers are allowed at any Park where we play sotball.
33. No weapons or firearms shall be brought onto any of these premises.
34. All children must be supervised by a parent or guardian.
35. Vehicles are required to be parked in the designated parking lots. Drivers are responsible for following this policy or for the consequences of failing to follow parking regulations. Also, please drive slowly and carefully. Parking in an area where a ball could hit or damage the vehicle is an assummed liability for the driver.
36. Be aware of the policy that Tournaments are allowed to finish and will take priority over League schedules. We only had to postpone 1 time in 2002 and no times in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, or 2012, and only once in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. We may have to postpone some days in 2020. Rescheduling games is part of the process that permits us to play on Sundays.
37. On some Sundays Bayland Park or Cullen Park may be closed for use by other events.
38. Home Runs - The number of home runs per game is the
only Ground Rule which is negotiable. At the coin flip teams may agree to go up, but not down in Home Runs for that game.

39.  Other Protect the Pitcher league rules in 2021 may be added only if they are aproved by the Director.

40. The height limits on a pitch are 6 feet to 10 feet.

41. The pitcher may deliver a pitch from up to 6 feet behind the rubber.

42. Any line drive which hits the pitcher or in the judgment of the umpire the pitcher uses his glove as a shield to protect himself from a ball that would hit him, is a dead ball, batter is out, and no runners may advance. As a clarification, this means that any ball hit close to, near, or nearby, the pitcher is always a live ball and never an out, even if he steps out of the way

43. If a hard hit ball hits the ground or the pitching plate before hitting the pitcher or his glove used as a shield, it is declared a dead ball, batter is out.

44. When a player comes out of the game because of a batted ball, the bat may also be confiscated by the umpires, the Director, or the Director’s representative for testing purposes. Failure to surrender the bat when requested to do so will immediately disqualify the player from eligibility to participate and may cause a forfeit of any win for his or her team.

45. Players need to comply with the most recent banned bat list published on the Rules, Ground Rules, or League schedules at www.txsoftballhalloffame.com

46. League standings will be published after week 4 only for those teams who could finish in first place.

47. Games are played either 7 innings or 55 minutes.  Games are considered official after 3 1/2 innings of play, with home team leading, or after 30 minutes.

48.The Home team is responsible for keeping the game book. In case of a score discrepancy the umpires ruling on the score stands.

49. No visible jewelry is to be worn.  Necklaces must be tucked in. Open Carry will be regulated under the same rule as jewelry.

50. Foul language offensive to other players, spectators, and especially umpires will not be tolerated. For this offense umpires and the director have the authority to eject any person or persons from the game or from the park.

51. No roller blades, scooters, skates, remote controlled cars or airplanes, drones, or skateboards are allowed inside the fenced areas. Dogs may now come into the Community Park, except for pit bulls, doberman breeds, or those deemed to be a safety issue by the umpire or the director. Dogs are not allowed inside at Bayland Park in 2021. 

52. Batters who are running to first base may not carry the bat to the base. They will be called out, if touching a bat when contact with the base occurs.

53. Altered or Illegal Bat Policy   Effective: November 2, 2008

If Texas Softball Hall of Fame dirctor, an umpire, or any player, thinks that an “altered” or “illegal” bat (as defined in accordance with the applicable softball governing body) is being used, Texas Softball Hall of Fame has the right to inspect the bat.  If Texas Softball Hall of Fame feels that further inspection or testing is needed, Texas Softball Hall of Fame also has the right to confiscate the bat. The bat will be returned once such further inspection and testing has been completed.  If it is determined that the bat has been altered or is illegal, Texas Softball Hall of Fame  has the right, in its sole discretion, to either suspend the offending player, the bat owner, or the whole team from playing in Texas Softball Hall of Fame events, in either league play and/or tournaments, for whatever time period Texas Softball Hall of Fame deems appropriate.  If a suspected offending player or bat owner does not allow Texas Softball Hall of Fame to confiscate the bat, then Texas Softball Hall of Fame will also have the right, in its sole discretion, to either suspend the offending player or the whole team from playing in Texas Softball Hall of Fame events, in either league play and/or tournaments, for whatever time period Texas Softball Hall of Fame deems appropriate. 

The responsibility for knowing whether a bat is altered is that of the user and the owner of the bat.  If an individual uses an altered or illegal bat in Texas Softball Hall of Fame event, the punishment/suspension will be imposed without regard to what the individual knew about the bat being altered.  An individual must know that his bat is not an altered bat, if he uses it in Texas Softball Hall of Fame   events.  If he does not know that the bat is altered, the individual can still be suspended. The fact that the individual did not know that the bat was altered is not a factor in imposing the suspension. The question is only whether the bat is altered or not.

In addition to the rules and policies of the governing sanctioning bodies, altered bats are bats, which (1) had the surface of the barrel or the taper changed in any way such as by sandpapering or applying a solvent to the surface such as fingernail polish remover or by any other means, (2) had the plug removed/replaced or changed in any way, (3) had the knob removed/replaced or changed in any way, (4) had anything removed or added to the inside or outside of the bat other than tape at the handle or knob, (5) are subjected to pressure in any manner that exceeds that of striking the bat against an approved ball traveling at game like speeds and such excessive presume would include, but is not limited to, any compression, rolling, placing in a vice, or hitting a stationary object such as a pole. 

Cracked, worn (paint/lettering wear is not a problem so long as the bat can be identified and has the appropriate BPF marking, but any wearing of the bat material or identifying paint or BPF wear will be cause for removal) or damaged bats are not altered bats, but will also be subject to removal from play by Texas Softball Hall of Fame or the umpires.  Such cracked, worn or damaged bats will not result in a player suspension, unless the player or team returns the offending bat into play after it has been removed or the bat is also altered.

Texas Softball Hall of Fame is intent and serious on eliminating altered and illegal bats from its events and rental facilities. Sportsmanship, fairness, and safety are high priorities for those who choose Texas Softball Hall of Fame and remain its loyal supporters. If you do not value sportsmanship, fairness, and safety, then please make a choice to not play with those who do. 


Texas Softball Hall of Fame 281-342-0789  ralph@txsoftballhalloffame.com