"The significance of your life is determined by the positive impact it has on others." Jackie Robinson; I am Ralph Hall and I approve of this message 2-7- 2016

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Moving Batter 773 Leagues 

 1987 to 2022 League Champions


 To bring your bat for some good hits - good
 To bring your glove for some tough plays - great
 To bring your heart for all the people - priceless.  


You have entered the Texas Softball Hall of Fame website. 

Ralph Hall is publishing that Texas Softball Hall of Fame will not be offering services for softball Leagues or Tournaments in 2024. Ralph may choose to umpire occasionally for a Senior Softball event, a league, or a special event but, not as a Texas Softball Hall of Fame represntative.

The time has come for Ralph Hall to continue retirement and move on to the next season of his life. He looks forward to embracing a new vision for his life, time, and energy.

Ralph is grateful for the millions of participants with him over the last 40 years. He has a deep sense of gratitude for those who became good friends and loyal supporters, particularly for the hundreds of thousands who prayed for him and with him. Also, he thankfully acknowledges the trophy vendors, t-shirt designers, tech support individuals, private complex owners and managers, team managers and coaches, ground crews, Mo. City, Houston, Richmond, Bellaire, and Seguin City workers, Fort Bend and Harris County workers, HCSSL, various YMCAs, Texas Instruments, the Boards of Directors, and spiritual leaders, who were all helpful people in supporting him to love and lead many softball communities.    

Likewise, the 178 umpires who served as ambassadors to the softball Communities, will always be greatly appreciated. Additionally, the professional associations of NASO, ASA, USSSA, NSA, and USA have been reliable partners in helping in the development and maintaining of high standards throughout the years. The producing or directing of 877 Tournaments and 773 Leagues at 31 locations and 71 different fields were awesome individual achievements and corporate accomplishments, whose records will likely be unmatched for a long time.  Finally, all of the Charity and Celebrity events in which he was a part were thoroughly enjoyable.  

The policy from the first pitch until the last will always remain, “We do not invite the great teams to humble the rest, we invite the humble to become great.”

God’s blessings on those who wisely choose to live the twin Legacies of  Sportsmanship and Character.

I am Ralph Hall, Jr. and I approve of this message, February 13, 2024.


 TEXAS SOFTBALL HALL OF FAME MISSION STATEMENT and your mission if you choose to accept and continue it, is to lead softball events that promote sportsmanship, to protect the integrity of the game, to provide a caring atmosphere, to enhance the well-being of all people of good will who participate, and to honor commitment to our softball community. "This is how to make an impact and a positive difference." 

 Our mission was tested by both time and circumstances.